Our Managed Care Model

Our Managed care model is a system that involves the active coordination of an arrangement for, the provision of health services and coverage of health benefits.

Four key elements of managed care are:
  • Co- management of enrollee population with the hospitals
  • Definition of specific benefits of the plan(s)
  • Contractual relationships with the providers (hospitals) giving care
  • Oversight of the medical care received at the various hospitals.
    The companies came up with solutions such as:
  • Establishment of in-house clinics
  • Reduction of the number of retained hospitals
  • Monetization of medical benefits.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Better industrial relations with staff
  • Increase in productivity by well-motivated staff
  • Accurate estimation of annual medical expenses
  • Significant reduction in medical expenses
  • Freed up cash flow that can be channeled to staff benefits e.g. trainings
  • Diagnosis & Investigation
  • Greater motivation to excel at work.
  • Accessibility to standardized healthcare.
  • Peace of mind because the family is catered for.
  • Wider range of hospitals to choose from.
  • More comprehensive benefit package
  • Confidentiality of medical treatment.
  • Access to emergency treatment at any centre at no additional cost Access to preventive care as opposed to the former focus on only curative care

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